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Tours for Cruise Ships

Guatemala has two ports where the cruises arrive: Puerto de Santo Tomás de Castilla in the Atlantic Ocean; and Puerto Quetzal in the Pacific Ocean.

From Santo Tomás de Castilla we can organize excursions to the archaeological site of Quirigua, UNESCO's cultural heritage of humanity since 1979, and a tour by boat of Río Dulce with visit of the Garífuna town of Livingston. We also have private jets to visit Tikal, one of the largest archeological sites in the "Mayan world".

From Puerto Quetzal we offer excursions to the colonial city of Antigua, the "pearl" of Central America. This city is attractive due to its cobbled stone streets and its unique Spanish colonial architecture. As other options we can also offer a trip to the Pacaya volcano and private flights to Tikal.