Comments from our customers

Sfadya Family, Israel.

First we would like to thank you for organizing the visit in Guatemala, we enjoyed it very much and was a pleasure for us as well to meet you and from you as an excellent guide. Almost all things took place according to plan and schedule.

Per your request, we can provide some feedback on places we visit and overall.

Antigua – the hotel is amazing and really deserved staying for 3 nights; we also enjoyed the visit and tour over there. Together with your guide and information about the place and history it was very good. Remark about the Hotel (we talked about it) WiFi – Internet must be included in the package; it is ridiculous that a 5 star hotel like this will charge such amount for Wifi connection.

Atitlan – The tour between the 3 villages was enjoyable and the view of the lake and surrounding was great. The hotel was amazing, the location the place everything. This is the reason we think it deserved at least additional night, just to enjoy the place and surrounding in more relax way.
Chichi market – nice also the local lunch was enjoyable.

Semuc Champey – On the way we visited the biotope, nice place but not a must, if there is a time constrain better skip it. Although the long driving and the bad road, and the 1-2 star hotel, we believe the place Sumac defiantly worth visiting.

Tikal – the driving and road to Tikal was very bad and took many hours. The hotel is ok, not more than that, it may worth thinking to check the Casa de Don David place, which we had dinner there and seems nice. The next day boat trip to Aguteka, was "an experience" ….We had heavy rain on the way to there, as well as when we visited, going back fuel for the boat was on the edge, and we felt a bit risky and unsafe that we will reach back.
Tikal is amazing and tour with guide was very professional and interesting, one of the key points of our tour.

Livingston – we did not visited San Philippe fortress, due to short time ….The city Livingston is not an attraction, but it worth arriving early enough to have opportunity to visit the attractions nearby, beach (Playa Blanca) and the seven alters/falls, which closed at around 4pm. We arrived around 2pm so did not had the chance to take a boat to this places, unfortunately.

Finally the driving back was long, but the hotel in Guatemala City was again great and location was very nice.

I tried to give a feedback to each place we visited, I hope it will help. Overall it was a very good trip for us, and if you need recommendation from us we will be happy to provide.

We got now appetite and we are looking forward for our next trip to this area :-)

Thank you again and best regards,
Sfadya Family, Israel.

Anton Seitz, Germany.

I feel fine and I came well back to Germany. But here it's very cold, the water is frozen an there is a lot of snow. It was much mor comfortable in Guatemala.
Referring Sin Fronteras and with Your work I'm very satishfied. You always answered at once. Our driver (Barone?) was always punctually and drove safe. He knew all the places and hotels where we wanted to go. Even he didn't speak english and we didn't speak spanish he told us a lot about the places an the country. He spoke very slowly and clear so we could understand the most. The car was good and comfortable. We all four are very satishfied.
Only the information prior the travel, that your car is not able to go to Semuc Champey would be helpful.


Shelley Guardia, USA

Dear Lorena....I have finally returned home late last night.
Unfortunately my luggage did not return home!! American Airlines is still looking for it!
Thank you for all the great arrangements! Everything was perfect in the Guatemala part of the trip.
I wish that all the drivers we had were as good as Axel! He was the best driver ever!!! And he was a good guide too!!
Please tell him how much we appreciate him!
We had no problem with the hotel bookings or the small tours....everything was so good thanks to you.
My group was very thankful to you because they did not get the same service in Nicaragua or El Salvador.
The drivers were not very good! And there were some mistakes with hotel bookings...oh well!
There is no comment that I can make to make this trip better....just keep up the good complaints!
Thank you also for the gift!
I hope to be doing more business with you in the future!!
Again a big thank you and take care of that darling baby! hugs!!!