services overview

Plane Tickets

Contact us if you need to arrange a flight reservation to Flores or if you need a private charter or a flight over the volcanos by helicopter.

Shuttle Service

We offer a shuttle service to some destinations in Guatemala. Please take note that this is a shared collective service, so you have to be ready 10 minutes before departure and you might have to wait for up to 10 or 15 minutes after departure to be picked up. If you are taking an international flight we recommend to book your shuttle transfer so you would arrive at the airport 3 hours before your flight leaves, as the driver has to pick up people in different hotels which may delay your departure.

Private Transportation

If you prefer to travel comfortably at your leisure, we can arrange for you our best private transfer service from door to door. According to the size of the group we can provide buses type Toyota Hi Ace (9 people), Coasters (18 people), Mini Pullman (26 people), and Pullman buses (45 people). We also provide VIP luxury car transportation.

Tailor Made Trips

Are you planning to come to Guatemala? Please write to us and tell us about your travel interests and how you envision your vacation. We will design a tailor made proposal for you to include all your desires according to your specifications. Our specialty is personalized itineraries and Sin Fronteras is well known for its outstanding customer service. We want to show you the best of our country so that you arrive back home with the most beautiful impressions.

Special Events for Groups

Are you looking for a dream wedding? A romantic honeymoon? A special candlelight dinner set in an 18th century Spanish-style colonial monastery? We are happy to submit to you our proposals and option.