The beach

If you want to finish your trip with a few relaxing days on the beach, the Pacific coast of Guatemala offers several options. You might also consider a trip extension to the Caribbean, either staying on one of the Cayes of Belize or the Bays Islands in Honduras.


Black sand beach on the Pacific coast, an ideal place to end your trip. The hotels are not luxurious but pleasant. With a little luck you might see some turtles coming at night to lay eggs.


Pretty black sand beach on the pacific coast. Quiet and peaceful, vast extension of sand only for you. It's possible to organize tour to fish swordfish, very numerous in this part of the Pacific.


On the Caribbean coast it's the only decent beach on the Guatemalan side. Possible to go for one day trip from Livingston. We can also organize a camping trip.

Traveling through the Amatique Bay area is an unforgettable experience. Calm waters, peaceful atmosphere, rich diversity of fauna and flora makes of Amatique Bay a shoreline where vegetation usually melts into the water, where beaches are small and private, and the sea is a very deep blue. The landscape is marked by a wild beauty.

Some of the places you must visit are Playa Blanca, Punta de Cocoli, Punta de Palma, Punta de Manabique and El Canal Ingles (The English Channel). Beside the Amatique Bay, there are two smaller bays: Santo Thomas & La Graciosa Bay.