If you like adventure tours and extreme sports, Guatemala offers different alternatives like climbing one of its 37 volcanoes or hiking for 3 to 6 days in the jungle of Petén. Fishing in the pacific coast, paragliding in Lake Atitlan, biking around Antigua or Lake Atitlan. .


Atitlan Lake: One of the best places for hiking is around Lake Atitlan. We can offer a combination of different levels of treks for example from Panajachel to Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz to San Marcos.

Other options we can offer is a trek from El Zotz to Tikal or to El Mirador.

This fantastic trip leads you through the green jungle to visit the Protected Biotope El Zotz, the archaeological site of El Zotz, the Pyramid “El Diablo”, and the rock of bats. The level is half moderate and you need an excellent physical condition.

Day 1:
In the morning transfer to Cruce Dos Aguadas. After assisting in arranging the equipment start your walk to El Zotz (approx. 20 km/6 hours). Visit of the site before sunset. Camping

Day 2:
In the morning observe the sunrise and the entrance of the bats into the caves.
Breakfast and will visit the pyramid of El Diablo. In the afternoon walk approx.18 km or 4 hrs to El Yesal. Dinner and night. Camping

Day 3:
Breakfast and jungle walk to Tikal (approx. 18 km or 5 hours). Lunch at the Tikal National park. Return to Flores or optional visit of the site Tikal and overnight in Tikal.

El Mirador: For the very adventurous you can hike on 5 or 6 days to the archaeological site of El Mirador through the jungle, searching for the lost city of the Maya.

El Mirador 5 days & 4 nights
Five days searching for the cradle of the Mayan culture. During the tour you will pass by and visit various archaeological sites such as Tintal and Nakbe. The trek is characterized by long walks on which you can be listening to the symphony of the forest and experience nights filled with the sounds of exotic birds. You can watch fantastic sunrises and experience the friendliness and professionalism of our communitarian guides from the Carmelita village, who will guide you through their habitat explaining about the chicle tree, the xate plant and other medicinal plants. With luck you encounter howler and spider monkeys as well as other jungle mammals such as the coati. The level of this tour is moderate to difficult and requires excellent physical condition from the participants. The necessary equipment is carried by pack horses. The trek is accompanied by a community cook who takes care of the meals.


Day 1
In the afternoon transfer (about 3 hours) to the Carmelita community to spend the night there.

Day 2
In the morning you assist in arranging your equipment. Jungle walk to the archaeological site El Tintal (about 25 km or 6 hours) and visit of the site. Camping

Day 3
Breakfast and begin of our jungle walk towards El Mirador (approx. 8 hours). On the way visit of the archaeological site “La Muerta”. Arrival at El Mirador to observe the sunset. Camping

Day 4
Breakfast and exploration of the archaeological site of El Mirador. Camping

Day 5 & 6
Breakfast will be served at the El Mirador camp site and return to Carmelita, spending the night at the archaeological site of El Tintal. Camping.

Optional Day 7: If you choose the 6-day excursion you visit the archaeological site of Nakbe on the way back and spend the night there.


If you want to learn how to dive (Open Water) or improve your diving (Advanced or Dive Master), we can arrange a trip extension to Key Caulker or Ambergris Key in Belize, where you can explore part of the world’s second largest Barrier Reef.


One of the most popular places for swordfish fishing is the pacific coast in Guatemala. You will find some exotic hotels to combine sport fishing and resting.


For all ages and all levels from the "Adrenaline slopes" to the peaceful ride around Antigua with amazing views. We'll fulfill your desire. All the bikes are in good condition and equipped with front wheel suspension.


We can offer you a 2 or 3 hour tour around Antigua or an up to 10 day trip in the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes.


Fly like Tarzan from tree to tree. There are many possibilities for zip-line in Guatemala. You can enjoy it near Antigua at the Cerro de Santo Domingo, combining your zip-line experience with an elegant dinner, cross the deep ravine of Finca Filadelfia or enjoy it within the tropical rainforest setting in Tikal.